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Suzanne Zaccour

Suzanne Zaccour is a feminist author, researcher and public speaker.

She is conducting research on sexual offences law as a doctoral candidate at Oxford University. Her interests include everything related to sexual and domestic violence, as well as animal rights.

Suzanne Zaccour is the author of books (in French) and articles (in English and French) on linguistic sexism, sexual violence, and family law. She has published, among others, an article on family law reform and two articles on the use of parental alienation theory in Quebec jurisprudence.  

In her free time, Suzanne learns languages, juggles a growing number of balls, and practices a variety of unconventional sports.

Avec différentes langues Chalkboard


French, English, Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL), Portuguese, Italian, German, Quebec Sign Language (LSQ)


I offer training sessions on sexual violence and rape culture for schools and organizations. 

Contact-me to know more.

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